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Adelaide LGBTIQ Events - A Community Calendar


Friday 28th August 2015

last updated 17th August 2015

The aim of Wear it Purple Day is for young rainbow (LGBTIQ) people to feel safe, supported and empowered in their own environments ... and with the ultimate aim of preventing LGBTIQ youth suicide.

The Wear it Purple message is simple:

You have the right to be proud of who you are. Sexuality or gender identity does not change this.

The idea is simple: wear purple if you agree.

How can you celebrate Wear it Purple Day?

The easiest way is by wearing purple ... a purple t-shirt, a purple dress, a purple shirt, a purple tie, purple hat, purple socks, purple shoes, purple skirt, purple hair ribbons, purple hot pants!

Or dye your hair purple!

You might host a morning tea or drinks or lunch and feature purple food on the menu, or decorate your home or office or car with purple ... or paint your fingernails and toenails purple.

You can be as individual (or as purple) as you like!

Further Wear it Purple links

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