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Adelaide LGBTIQ Events - A Community Calendar 

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most community groups are currently not meeting. To protect yourself and others, avoid all unnecessary contact with other people and follow all advice issued by the Australian Department of Health via their website. Conditions are changing constantly, so check back periodically for the latest advice.

If you are feeling socially isolated, see the Services and COVID-19 pages on this website for people you can contact. Various phone and online services such as Q Life and Lifeline are still operating as usual, and services like Bfriend are still available via phone and email to offer support to LGBTIQA+ South Australians.

Trans  groups and events

If contact details listed below are incorrect or not working, please advise us via email at  [email protected] 

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Carrousel Club

[email protected]  /   Holds a number of events (drinks, dinners, meetings and dances every) month. The Club asks that you contact them to meet them first, though.

For more info, click here



This group is an open-door offer to all gender diverse people and supporters who wish to see our rights, wellbeing and wider-community perception improve, and achieve the first steps towards these goals. A discussion group for all to express opinions, establish community projects or to simply meet and support others.

Website and Events:



Kindred Spirits 2

A social group for transgender, gender diverse and non-binary people, as well as family, friends and allies, to meet in a quiet environment. Meet at Sparkke at the Whitmore at 2pm on the fourth Saturday of each month.

For more information, visit their Meetup page.


Parents of Gender Diverse Children

Parents of Gender Diverse Children provides direct support to parents and those parenting trans and gender diverse children of any age all over Australia. They can provide information, referrals, peer support and connections withing the community.

Parents of Gender Gender Diverse Children provides tailored professional development and speakers to small and large groups. Their speakers are experienced panellists , presenters and facilitators.

For more information: www.pgdc.org.au/


Rainbow Mates

Meets once a fortnight on a Wed evening at Salisbury, for young same sex-attracted women, and young F to M trans*

Find more info by clicking here or call 0406 073 058. 


The Rainbow Owl

The Rainbow Owl has resources and information for trans and gender diverse children and young people.



TransFemme SA

A monthly social group for people who identify as feminine and are not assigned female at birth. Currently running until June 2020.

Meets on one Wednesday each month at 57 Hyde Street, Adelaide.

See the flyer for further details.

Contact: [email protected]


Trans Health SA

Trans Health South Australia (SA)offers the South Australian gender diverse community a resource operated, and influenced, BY the community.

Resources for the Gender Diverse Community of SA: www.transhealthsa.com

Trans friendly SA practitioners  List: www.transhealthsa.com/sa-practitioners-list/

Gender diverse support and social groups: www.transhealthsa.com/gender-diverse-support-and-social-groups/


TransMasc SA - (Formerly FTMen-SA)

TransMasc-SA is a group for transgender men and gender diverse people who identify along the masculine end of the gender spectrum to have a safe and inclusive space. TransMasc-SA meets at 57 Hyde Street fortnightly on a Wednesday and is a confidential, social support style group that promotes holistic well-being and social connectedness through peer support. 

Events: (Fortnightly, Wednesdays)






Youspace is a group program for young (12-17) people who identify as gender questioning, gender-diverse and transgender. The group aims to provide a safe space to build resilience, develop new skills, obtain peer support and meet like minded people.

Info Flyer


Assistance for Parents around gender issues

Gender Help for Parents - Online Forum & Support – email [email protected].au for more details

Transcend - http://www.transcendsupport.com.au/