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Adelaide LGBTIQ Events - A Community Calendar

IDAHOT - May 17 2018

International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

Every year IDAHOT focuses on one specific issue for the celebrations around May 17th. This year, the proposal is to focus attention on ALLIANCES for SOLIDARITY.

No battle can be won in isolation. We all need to keep strengthening alliances, especially when we need to ensure safety, fight violence, lobby for legal change, and/or campaign to change hearts and minds.

Putting the focus on Solidarity and Alliances can create a valuable opportunity for all of us to reach out to our current partners to reinforce our bond, to reach out to new partners to raise awareness of our commonalities, and to engage in collective action around the Day.

This year’s focus should also be a reminder of the need for solidarity within the communities of sexual and gender minorities, as the rights of one specific group cannot be solidly secured if the rights of other groups are left unchallenged. The focus on alliances should also highlight the necessity for sexual and gender minorities to be allies to other vulnerable groups (e.g. migrants, people living in poverty, vulnerable children, etc.).

How you can celebrate IDAHOT ...

  • Hold a celebratory event: morning or afternoon tea … and why not celebrate with a rainbow cake!
  • Put up a poster display. You can find IDAHOT, anti-homophobia and anti-transphobia posters, fact sheets and other resources via the links below
  •  Wear something rainbow for May 17 … or for the whole week.
  •  Change your Facebook profile picture or cover picture to an IDAHOT-specific image.
  •  Put a rainbow flag on your service reception counter or desk.
  •  Create a diversity statement for your service.
  •  Find LGBTIQ-specific resources for your service area. Many can be found online, and some can be quite specific.
  •  And much much more …

Find more info at the official IDAHOT site by clicking here

Find more IDAHOT resources below ...

Flinders Uni Queer Society

2018 Pride Fest: Where we can all celebrate!

Pride Fest is an exciting new festival running from the 14th-19th of May. The week features a broad array of events that are open to the public and people of all ages, genders and sexualities.

An official opening ceremony will kick off the week’s celebrations and include special guests, speeches, free food, early access to our new art exhibition and more!

The week of Pride Fest will include the following:

A fair from Monday through to Thursday

14th May - Opening Ceremony, Art Exhibiton and Eurovision Screening

15th May - Quiz Night

16th May - Karaoke Night with special guests

18th May - Pub Crawl

If you’re keen to attend some IDAHOT events this year, so far the south is ramping up the festivities! Both the Flinders Uni Queer Society and Pride of the South are hosting some awesome sounding events for this year’s IDAHOT celebrations.

Pride of the South

Pride of the South and Flinders Uni Queer Society are hosting an Inter-generational panel on Sunday 20th May. This will be held 12-4pm at The Studio on the Flinders Uni campus.

The focus for the day will be "Triumphs and Challenges" with our panel discussing the challenges they've faced and overcome in their journeys.

Free parking and lunch will be provided with vegetarian and gluten free options available.

Australian resources

These resources have been developed by services in South Australia and Victoria

International resources

These resources have been developed by services overseas, particularly Canada

Other IDAHOT images

Other images for your wall, your car, your office noticeboard, from around the world ...